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IUPAC: 2-diphenylmethanesulfinyl-N-hydroxyacetamide

CAS: 63547-13-7

Molecular Formula: C15H15NO3S

Molecular Weight: 289.351

Type: Powder – Crystal

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Buy Adrafinil Powder

Buy Adrafinil Powder. Adrafinil is the generic name for Olmifon, a eugeroic compound developed in 1974. It is also called CRL-40028. Its molecular formula is C15H15NO3S.

It was marketed in France for the treatment if Narcolepsy in 1984, but has been discontinued as a pharmaceutical product. The metabolite, modafinil is still marketed in the US and Europe. Buy Adrafinil Powder ,

Can I Buy Adrafinil Powder Online?

ChemicalFrog sells Adrafinil and other research chemicals online, and delivers all over the world.

It is not known to be outlawed in any major jurisdiction, but it has been recommended to be made a prescription drug in New Zealand. Adrafinil and its metabolite Modafinil are prohibited substances in athletics competitions by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

However, does not undertake to know the laws or regulations of your country. It is the responsibility of the buyer in all cases to research and comply with the laws of your country in all ways, and you bear the risk of shipments lost due to non-compliance. can i Buy Adrafinil Powder online


Adrafinil Pharmacology

Adrafinil is interesting in that it must be metabolised into modafinil before it begins to exhibit effects. This results in slower onset and longer duration of effect, and adrafinil taken orally only begins to have perceptible effects after 45 minutes to an hour. where do i Buy Adrafinil Powder  online

Adrafinil was developed as a pharmaceutical product which was used to improve the mood, alertness and wakefulness of elderly people. It also saw a lot of off-label use as a stimulant because it allowed people to remain awake for long periods without severe side effects. Others have used it as s so-called nootropic.

Similar substances include:

  • Modafinil
  • Fluorenol
  • CRL-40,941
  • CRL-40,940
  • Armodafinil


Adrafinil is sold only as a research chemical. It is not labelled for human or animal use, and should into be taken internally. It is intended for use as a laboratory sample or for in-vitro research only. Please store it responsibly and only allow it into the hands of trained personnel.

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